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As NANOWRI winds down, it’s time for you to amp it up! With only a few days left in November, planning, time-management, and motivation are what will get you to the finish line. Here are three things you must AVOID!

GUILT Don’t feel guilty about anything, because guilt will zap your energy and distract you. Go ahead and enjoy a Thanksgiving feast.

Then get over it that you stuffed yourself silly and move on. As soon as you wake from your food coma on Friday, it’s back to work. Feeling guilty about something serious? Set it aside until Tuesday. (Disclaimer: If you’ve committed a crime or done something really egregious you should feel guilty. Can’t help you there).images

DISTRACTIONS With the finish line in sight, plough forward and don’t look back. Plan your writing schedule down to the minute. Start Friday morning. Set aside time for eating and family and one or two coffee breaks. Some writers I know actually schedule trips to the bathroom. Bottom line – put off everything you can until Tuesday. No shopping, no movies, no lunches with friends. If you must check email or Facebook or Snapchat, do it early in the day and then turn off your wi-fi connection.

PEOPLE WHO DISCOURAGE The unfortunate truth is that people we love sometimes don’t love the fact that we are writers. They may not understand our need to write; resent the time it takes us away from them; envy our drive and focus; or think what we do is unimportant. Maybe they’re just selfish, annoying whiners. Regardless of what the problem is, now’s the time to avoid these people. In the long run, you need not dump them completely (unless you want to), just accept the fact they don’t get it and share your writing life with those who do.

NANOWRIMO is almost over. Now go write.

Next up: Writing during the holidays

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