The Lonely Sommelier Cover

Book Three in the Clearwater Series


Tessa Mariano has survived it all—heartbreaking loss, abandonment, betrayal, financial ruin. Now, seven years after her divorce, she’s a successful sommelier and owner of the most popular cheese and wine shop around. The hard-working entrepreneur maintains strict control over her business and over the lives of the two people who matter most—her thirteen-year-old son and her beloved grandmother, Nonna.

When her ex-husband announces he wants to take custody of their son, Tessa’s tenuous grasp of control is shattered. Overwhelmed by the possibility of another court battle, she’s blindsided again when Nonna lands in the hospital under the care of the exasperating Dr. Owen Barnes.

After enduring numerous encounters with the hardheaded doctor, her opinion of him shifts. Intrigued by his quiet confidence and appreciative of his concern for her grandmother, Tessa can’t deny the attraction. But preventing her ex-husband from winning custody is her priority… not to mention a convenient excuse for avoiding a relationship and the risk of another broken heart.

It isn’t until losing her son seems all but inevitable that Tessa realizes she can’t control the uncontrollable. And if she doesn’t let go of the pain from her past, she’ll no doubt face a very lonely future.