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It’s Nanowrimo, and time is precious. You’re on a deadline,  scrambling to write fifty thousand words. Don’t worry. I’ll make it fast . . .

1)   Location location location! Where you write is critical. Leave the house. My favorite place is the library. If you can’t leave home, set up a dedicated writing place where distractions are minimal.


2)   Write on (a) schedule! Plan to write for a certain amount of time without stopping – shoot for at least an hour. Then take a break, stretch, use the bathroom, grab a snack.

3)   Turn off your Internet connection and cell phone. The temptation to check emails, FB, twitter, and texts is hard to resist and will slow you down. If you have kids, keep the phone on. Your kid is more important than your word count.

Next up: How to deal with unsupportive “friends”

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