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Book Four in the Clearwater Series

At twenty-seven years old, Rebecca Sparks is a lighthearted young woman with a variety of part-time jobs, a bedroom in her mother’s home, and an almost pathological aversion to conflict. Over the past few years, she has stood on the sidelines watching others pursue their dreams, struggling to envision her own path forward.

When her beloved friend and surrogate grandfather passes away, Rebecca uncovers critical information regarding his last wishes—a planned change to his estate that will impact the heir as well as the entire town of Clearwater. With no idea how to handle her discovery and fearful of inciting controversy, Rebecca resists making a move. That is until her friend’s annoyingly handsome grandson appears out of nowhere. Within days of his arrival, he initiates a quick sale of his grandfather's property in order to funnel his inheritance into a business venture that is in desperate need of cash.

Still mourning the loss of her friend and caring for the heartbroken dog he left behind, Rebecca tries to avoid the dispute. But as secrets are revealed and small town gossip spreads, she is forced into the fray. Now, with time running out, Rebecca must make a choice: ignore her friend’s wishes and return to her conflict-free existence or enter a battle in which the odds are stacked against her, millions of dollars are at stake, and powerful people are lining up to take her down.

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