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Book Two in the Clearwater Series

The day her kitchen ceiling collapses on top of her, Patty’s life unravels.


Whether a sign from above or plain bad luck, she has no idea. But her brush with death shakes her to her core.With no boyfriend, no plans, and no where to stay, she leaves her condemned home and heads to California wine country to be near Cece, her best friend, confidant, and quintessential voice of reason.


A few days in the quiet small town of Clearwater will give her the comfort she needs to contemplate one of life’s most enduring questions: "What now?”But instead of quiet and comfort, Patty is met with even more troubles—Cece suffers a crisis of her own, a new friend ropes her into a demanding situation, and an enticing yet complicated man has her spinning toward romantic disaster.


However, it’s the mysterious arrival of her younger sister that pushes Patty to the brink and forces her to question everything she thought she knew about her siblings and about the family that rejected her.


Now, faced with a monumental decision, Patty has no choice but to gamble on the one person she trusts the least —herself.

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